2017 ANUCSxPwC Case Competition Winner's Reflection

We asked our 2017 Case Competition winner, Geneviev, about her experience participating in the the ANUCSxPwC Case Competition!

What was your experience like participating in the case competition?

Overall the entire experience was incredibly rewarding, albeit challenging. I hadn’t done anything like this before, and at first, I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of information I was required to analyse. However, with each round I began to develop a better understanding of how best to tackle the case study and structure my analysis. Although a lot of time and effort was required it was an amazing insight into consulting.

What benefits did you gain from participating in the case competition?

I learnt a lot about consulting which was great because I knew almost nothing about it before. I also really enjoyed being able to receive feedback and assistance with the case study from PwC.

Do you have any advice for those participating in the case competition?

Do lots of research on the best ways to present and condense your findings! I found it really helpful researching how to actually approach a case study and design a consulting presentation. There's a lot of literature and videos on different frameworks used in consulting to organise and represent findings. Once I did some research, I then had a better grasp of how to breakdown the case study and over time it no longer seemed so overwhelming. Also, I think its good to remember to be straight-forward, simple and clear in your presentations.

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