2018 ANUCSxPwC Case Competition Launch Night Review

Our 2018 ANUCSxPwC Case Competition Launch Night was a huge success with over 100 students in attendance along with 9 PwC Representatives!

These keen students learnt how to hack their case submission using last year's case as an example.

A taste of the tips and tricks these students learnt from PwC consultants is down below:

  • Identify positive, neutral and negative facts that will help answer the client's needs


  • Keep the client's needs in mind when determining whether a fact is positive, neutral or negative


  • A strong problem statement will inform comprehensive solutions


  • Clustering key issues can support the identification of client pain points


  • Hypothesis based problem solving is an iterative process

Step 1: Clearly articulate the problem to be solved

Step 2: Identify and prioritise the main drivers of the problem - identify hypotheses about solutions for each driver and prioritise them on impact and ease of implementation

Step 3: Build a work plan for the data you need to collect and analyse to be able to prove or disprove each hypotheses

Step 4: Develop insight from the analysis, to validate or revisit each hypothesis

Step 5: Consolidate your findings to answer the client's "So, what?" question - interpreting your results and coming up with clear recommendations


  • Using a tree diagram can help you make sure answers are M.E.C.E (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive)


  • Use data collective strategies to prove cause and verify recommendations


  • Presentations are more impactful when they follow horizontal and vertical logic


  • Effective slides will be relevant, clear and visible 



A reminder that case submissions are due 10pm August 3rd. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at anucs@anuconsulting.org or message us on our Facebook page!

Best of Luck to all participants!

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