what degree do i need to be a consultant?

Consulting is all about problem solving. In order to solve a problem properly, you have to understand it from all different angles. This means having a diverse team is essential to solving any problem whether your client is in the private sector, the public sector or if it is a not for profit. In order to achieve this diversity, consulting firms look for people from all disciplines. Therefore, there is no degree you need in order to be a consultant, so long as you are able to think on your feet and are good at solving problems you will be an asset to any consulting firm. 

how much does it cost to be a member of anucs?

We want everyone to have a chance to learn more about the consulting profession. Because of this, we are completely free. In fact, you don't even need to be a member to come to our events and participate in our competitions.  

How can I become a committee member?

We are always looking for talented people with an interest in consulting to join our team. If you are wanting to become apart of the committee, show up at our events and start a conversation with one of our team members. We will let you know if we have a position available that would suit your skills and interests. 


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